Pool Bluetooth Access Registration Agreement

The Creekwood HOA utilizes a Bluetooth system to access the amenity center and pool. Please complete the steps listed below to obtain access. 

1. Visit the Google Play Store or ITunes App Store on your smart phone.
2. Search for "VIZpin Smart"
3. Select and download the VIZpin Smart app.
4. Once the app has been downloaded, open the app to follow the final stages of set-up.
5. Enter your Full Name
6. Enter Your Mobile Number
7. Enter Your Password (This is the last step for set-up with the app)
8. Complete the attached registration form and submit it to dfwamenity@goodwintx.com

Once you complete all the steps above, we will use your registration form to add you to the Creekwood HOA Pool. Initial set-up (once all the above steps have been completed) will take approximately 24-48 hours. Once this is completed,  you will see "Creekwood HOA Pool" as your location. You are now fully registered and able to use the app for access to the pool. However, please be aware you will not be able to access the pool during non-operational hours/dates.